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Adorable Green Bouquet With Calla Lily Flower

This gorgeous bouquet starting at just $75 arrives with vivid splashes of rich greens and whites to ..


Australian Native Flower Box

Starting at just $65.00, fresh stems of flowers, including protea, banksia, waxflower, eucalyptus, l..


Beautiful Arrangement with Roses in a Vase

With luscious roses in a vase, you may give the gift of surprise. With its mix of roses of various h..


Charming Front Facing Bouquet

Our charming front-facing bouquet is a gorgeous, elegant, and sophisticated display of stunningly fr..


Classic White Martini Vase Flower Arrangements

Starting at just $125.00, Flower City’s Classic White Martini Vases Flower Arrangement is, as the na..


Elegant Green And White Flower Bouquet

Starting at just $75.00, this elegant green-themed flower bouquet accompanied with some white flower..


Fantasy Front Facing Bouquet

Front-facing bouquets are quite popular because after you hand them over to someone, they can be hun..


Florist Choice Arrangement

Florist Arrangements are the ultimate choice for some busy folks out there or the ones who cannot de..


Florist Choice Bouquet

Flower City’s Florist Choice Bouquet is the best option for those who are short on time or can't det..


Flower Arrangement in a Glass Jar

Flowers in Glass Jar can be used as a table centrepiece and make excellent gift options too. These a..


Gorgeous Flower Bouquet- Front Facing

Front-facing Gorgeous Flower Bouquets are a great gift choice since they can be hung on the wall or ..


Graceful Bouquet with Yellow Roses

Yellow blossoms swell with joy. They represent friendship relationships, the taste of success, and p..


Melodious Mixed Flower Bouquet

This melodious mixed flower bouquet from FlowerCity, starting at just $65.00, is a colorful floral a..



Oriental lilies are a symbol of purity and rebirth and are associated with the Virgin Mary. Oriental..


Modern White Fish Bowl

FlowerCity’s Modern White Fish Bowl is a lovely flower arrangement that comprises wonderful white ca..


Mothers Day Special Arrangement

Your mother is the only person who is always there for you, even when the rest of the world is not. ..


Mothers Day Special Bouquet

Mother’s Day Flowers Special Bouquet is the ultimate choice for busy people or the ones who cannot d..


Multi Color Roses with Lily Bouquet

Starting at just $80.00, this Multi-colour Roses With Lily Bouquet comes in three different sizes. I..


Orange Daisy with Red Rose Bouquet

Orange flowers are given out to express passion and exhilaration because of their bright orange colo..


Oriental Lily, Orchid, Baby's Breath Flower and Snap Dragons, Florists Choice

Using oriental lilies, orchids snap dragons and baby’s breath flowers, florists at Flower City have ..


Pink Daisy flower with White Roses and Lily

An arrangement where pink daisy flowers are teamed up with white roses and lilies is nothing short o..


Pinky flower Mix Bouquet

Starting at just $65.00, this pinky bouquet comprises Pink Disbuds, Pink Oriental Lily, Pink Roses, ..


Spring Beauty Flower in a Cup

The Spring season is a season of happiness, renewal and success. Is there any better way to enjoy it..


Spring Flowers Whispers

Sending flowers in the spring is a nice idea as flowers are one of the things that make Spring so lo..



Corporate Flowers- Flower City

It's difficult to lose someone you care about. While giving flowers or making funeral or memorial arrangements does not make it any easier, they do make the occasion more lovely and can provide comfort to those who are suffering. For a funeral, there are many respectable, acceptable, and beautiful flowers to pick from. Funeral roses, lilies, carnations, and daisies are popular selections.However, if the deceased enjoyed chrysanthemums or orchids, those are also excellent alternatives. Don't be hesitant to pick the flower that you believe best depicts them, their life, and the things that brought them joy. Flowers have a universal language and are capable of conveying shades of expression that are much beyond the capabilities of human speech. Flowers are used at all corporate functions to adorn our lives. They are a herald of good fortune and optimism, and they underpin all of our meaningful gestures. Health professionals all across the world have praised the efficacy of flowers. In today's fast-paced business world, a flower bouquet is a timeless present that never goes out of style.
We'll make sure you leave a lasting impression, whether you're looking for a present for a coworker, client, or business associate. A local florist hand-delivers each arrangement with a unique greeting and the utmost care.
Our classic bouquets have the perfect balance of traditional and contemporary characteristics, making them the best choice for any corporate event. We have enticing red roses, sumptuous carnations, graceful lilies, and vivid orchids in our repertoire. These bouquets have been hand-picked by our florists and are best suited for corporate bouquets. You can group them together or use our years of floral knowledge to create a stunning corporate flower arrangement with a gentle redolence that will captivate you. You may order a flower bouquet online and have it delivered on time.

Send Fresh Corporate Flowers With Flower City Sydney

We realize how vital your company's brand is. Your brand is what distinguishes you and your company and we feel that carefully chosen corporate flowers may naturally improve your company's brand value.
Our corporate flower service is meant to enhance the business - for those times when you need to send flowers to colleagues or clients, or perhaps purchase some lovely blossoms for a special presentation or event at the office.
We have a wide selection of flowers to reward your loyal customers, important clients, or your own employees. Choose from beautiful hand-tied flowers, long-lasting flower arrangements and hampers that are ideal for the desk, and gift bouquets of roses, lilies, orchids etc. We provide a personalized, bespoke service to ensure that you receive the finest possible package for your needs at a reasonable price. We have a variety of options to pick from, whether you're searching for a stunning arrangement for a top customer or hundreds to give as Christmas gifts.