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Fancy Red Bouquet with Rose and Lily

Starting at just $110.00, this sparkly red-themed bouquet comprises elegant chrysanthemums, red carn..


Fancy Roses and Lily Bouquet

This lily and rose bouquet can certainly be claimed as one of the most loveable products in FlowerCI..


Fantasy Front Facing Bouquet

Front-facing bouquets are quite popular because after you hand them over to someone, they can be hun..


Fine-looking Australian Native Flowers in a Tin / Box

Are you looking for some unique flowers to add a touch of Australian culture when gifting a bouquet ..


Florist Choice Arrangement

Florist Arrangements are the ultimate choice for some busy folks out there or the ones who cannot de..


Florist Choice Bouquet

Flower City’s Florist Choice Bouquet is the best option for those who are short on time or can't det..


Flower Arrangement in a Glass Jar

Flowers in Glass Jar can be used as a table centrepiece and make excellent gift options too. These a..


Fresh Flower Bouquet- Lily and Rose Flower Arrangements

When one type of flower isn’t just enough to express your feelings, bringing a bunch of them togethe..


Gorgeous 20 Multi-Colored Roses in a Vase

This bright yellow and pink themed rose arrangement comprises multicolored roses in a glass vase tea..


Gorgeous Flower Bouquet- Front Facing

Front-facing Gorgeous Flower Bouquets are a great gift choice since they can be hung on the wall or ..


Graceful Bouquet with Yellow Roses

Yellow blossoms swell with joy. They represent friendship relationships, the taste of success, and p..


Magnetic Mix Bouquet

The bouquet is deemed magnetic due to its ability to get anyone hooked up to it. Starting at just $7..


Modern White Fish Bowl

FlowerCity’s Modern White Fish Bowl is a lovely flower arrangement that comprises wonderful white ca..


Mothers Day Special Arrangement

Your mother is the only person who is always there for you, even when the rest of the world is not. ..


Mothers Day Special Bouquet

Mother’s Day Flowers Special Bouquet is the ultimate choice for busy people or the ones who cannot d..


Multi Color Roses with Lily Bouquet

Starting at just $80.00, this Multi-colour Roses With Lily Bouquet comes in three different sizes. I..


Perfect Pink Flowers Pot

Flower City's Perfect Pink Flowers Pot comprises elegant white and pink flowers like Pink lilies, Tu..


Pink Daisy flower with White Roses and Lily

An arrangement where pink daisy flowers are teamed up with white roses and lilies is nothing short o..


Pinky flower Mix Bouquet

Starting at just $65.00, this pinky bouquet comprises Pink Disbuds, Pink Oriental Lily, Pink Roses, ..


Premium 100 Roses Bouquet

A bouquet of 100 roses has a little more specific meaning than a single long-stemmed rose. This arra..


Premium 12 Front Facing Roses

Our delightful Premium 12 Front Facing Roses is a spectacular display of stunningly fresh, long-last..


Premium 12 Roses Bouquet

There is a popular saying regarding red roses- “The red rose speaks of love silently, in a language ..


Premium 12 Roses Teddy Bear in A Rectangular Box

Red roses teddy bear is the cutest gifts to make your loved one smile. Our wonderful 12 Roses Teddy ..


Premium 24 Roses Bouquet

People in love are anxious to express their feelings in the most beautiful way possible in front of ..



Anniversary Flowers- Flower City

You want to acquire a lovely and meaningful gift for your next anniversary. While there is a symbol for every wedding anniversary, anniversary flowers are a timeless and lovely gift. You can also personalize the flower present to reflect the occasion you and your spouse are commemorating. When it comes to anniversary flowers, roses are always a safe bet. But take your time, analyze your partner’s preference, and only then make a decision. Our brief guide might help you. Choosing the perfect anniversary flowers. We recommend specific anniversary flowers based on the number of years you and your spouse have been married. For eg, carnations for your first anniversary, sunflowers for the third anniversary, etc. But don't forget that you may always choose your partner's favorite blooms or blend floral kinds with personal significance in mind.
Every anniversary has a colour or two connected with it, and some flowers match those colors. Other blossoms only appear in a few hues, so use the color in a variety of ways. If you want to present a personalized gift of anniversary flowers, you may always choose your partner's preferred hue over significance and symbolism.
Depending on the number of flowers in a bouquet, a bouquet can convey different meanings. You can choose a number of additional flowers based on what creates the most impressive bouquet or one for each year of your marriage for a sentimental touch. Don't forget to match your arrangement with a beautiful vase so your spouse may proudly exhibit the anniversary flowers you carefully selected. You can sometimes choose a vase in that material to match the year because many anniversary milestones have a traditional substance.

Flower City Delivers All KInds Of Anniversary Flowers

Although roses are common anniversary flowers, you don't have to take the standard way. At the end of the day, you want to get flowers that your lover will appreciate. In addition to conventional roses, Flower City has a wide variety of additional selections. When you shop our assortment, you'll find anniversary bouquets and arrangements featuring lilies, alstroemerias, and more. We have a wide selection of elegant rose bouquets and roses in a variety of hues, including pink, yellow, white, and even tie-dyed roses.
Your wedding anniversary flowers will be delivered on time, so you can relax. We are reputable local florists in Sydney who ensure that your flowers are carefully packaged and delivered to the intended recipient while they are still fresh. Above all, we value our customers and even provide a satisfaction guarantee.