Orchids in a Pot

Orchid in a pot
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Most orchids prefer smaller squat containers or pots. Since their roots don't like the moisture trapped in deep pots. And they don't require depth because their roots spread out rather than down. Because clay pots are heavier, they are less likely to tip. In hot regions, they can also aid in keeping orchid roots cool. Although many clays or terra cotta pots only have one drainage hole, the clay breathes, allowing water to escape more quickly. Considering this, FlowerCity has designed this fantabulous Orchid in a pot floral arrangement to keep your orchids safe and add up to their looks. 

Comprising orchids, greeneries, and matching filler flowers, this Fantabulous Orchid in a Pot arrangement is a perfect table centerpiece that you can gift at a housewarming party. So how do you go about caring for an orchid plant in a pot? Water your orchid based on how damp the soil feels to avoid dryness. You don't need to water your orchid if you can feel the moisture in the soil. 

If you don't feel any wetness, it's time to soak it. You may need to mist your orchid regularly if you live in a dry region or have an air-conditioned house. There are plenty of articles on the web regarding how to look after Orchid flowers in a pot. But you can call floral experts at FlowerCity at your convenience for any kind of assistance.

Substitution Policy:

In accordance with our substitution policy, we make every effort to guarantee that the product you receive is as similar to the one seen as is humanly feasible. This includes the selection of flower kinds and colour palettes. Because of changes in the seasons and the availability of certain products, there may be times when a different flower or container has to be used. Our top concern is the overall appearance of the arrangement, including the colour scheme, and we will only make substitutes that are of equal or more value and are suitable. Only in situations in which the contents differ significantly from what was advertised will the consumer be alerted in advance. Please click here if you would like further information on our delivery services.